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Cewshcast Wrestling Weekly
Cewsh, DDT and Psycho discuss the hottest topics in the world of professional wrestling.
Category: Sports & Recreation
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by Cewsh
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January 04, 2018 08:02 AM PST

Welcome, boys and girls, to the newest episode of the Lawcast. Today, the day that we set aside this year to love and appreciate all that is New Japan Pro Wrestling, we are excited to bring you a different kind of podcast. Instead of focusing on just one show, we decided to take a ride throw NJPW history and we tried our best to hit all the big bits, from the Three Muskateers, (both of them!), to the reckless scourge of Inokism and how it almost destroyed the company, to the amazing rebirth and success of New Japan in the last decade.

It's a TON of stuff to talk about, and we do our best to keep it fun and keep it breezy, so even someone who has never seen a Tiger Suplex can follow along and learn something cool about the second biggest promotion in professional wrestling.

Here are some topics that were cut for time, because Law wouldn't let me make this a 5 hour podcast: Bob Sapp, the early 00s stable wars, The Great Muta, NWO Japan, and the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Tetsuya Naito. Look for that stuff in a part 2 somewhere down the track!

December 20, 2017 10:38 AM PST

Welcome back, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we're covering a seminal moment in smark history, WWE Vengeance 2001. Yes, this is the hallowed night when Chris Jericho overcame the odds and the expectations of everyone watching to unify the WWE and WCW Championships for the first time in their history, uniting, in truth, the histories of every major territory in American wrestling history in one triumphant moment.

It sucked and was dumb. So let's talk about it!

Beyond that, we've also got the Hardy Boyz and their weird anti-chemistry in singles matches, The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam in one of the funnest matches of this era, and a whole bunch more!

December 16, 2017 08:53 AM PST

Hello again, boys and girls, and welcome back to another episode of the Lawcast. When we originally set out to make this podcast a thing, we deliberately set aside some of the juiciest shows for later so we could build to them and make them big fun moments for loyal listeners. But hell, you guys have waited long enough, and it's time for us to get down to business and be the 8,000th people to do a podcast on the most controversial event in modern wrestling history.

So with that in mind, on this podcast we cover the whole thing, from what we would have done in everyone's shoes, to the incredible atmosphere around the match itself, and one of us even outs themselves as a crazy conspiracy theorist. And hey, we also talk about the rest of that show which was so bad that it almost seems like they were trying to make us tune out before the end. Wait, did that sound like a conspiracy theory? IT WAS A WORK DAMMIT.

December 12, 2017 09:01 AM PST

Welcome back to the Lawcast everyone! After a month and a half taken off due to Cewsh needing some surgery, (he's fine, dry those tears,) the lads are back in action and better than ever. To apologize for the lack of podcasts for the last few weeks, we are giving you a holiday special THREE PACK of podcasts this week. So check back today, Friday and Sunday to get 3 different action packed episodes of the Lawcast!

Now to the show! This time out we watched WWF Survivor Series 1992, which is a weird, weird, weird goddamn show. From a main event that had to be thrown together out of nowhere, to a thrown together tag team match, to a number of matches that weren't thrown together, but sure feel like it, this show feels like it was booked in a tornado. Plus, yet another installment in "The Lawcast Accidentally Reviews The Entirety of Horrible Wrestling Feuds". This week's installment: Big Boss Man vs. Nailz.

October 31, 2017 10:39 AM PDT

Happy Halloween, cats and kittens! Welcome to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we're doing a rare Tuesday episode so that we can go back for one more helping of WCW's Halloween spectacular.

We're ending our run of Halloween Havocs on 1997, which saw Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio have one of the best matches in wrestling history, and Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan have one of the worst matches in wrestling history. But that's not all! We also have the ugliest in ring attire imaginable, a random fan showing off his cage climbing skills, and everybody is doing the Alex Wright dance.

All that and more, this week on your Lawcast!

October 27, 2017 01:42 PM PDT

Happy Halloween to all of you lawbreakers and love makers out there, and welcome to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we head South again for another spooky spectacular, as WCW invents the Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal and pits Jake the Snake Roberts against Sting in a dream match! What could possibly go wrong?

But oh, we have so much more for you, like Rick Rude vs. Masahiro Chono in a match that looks like a treat but it very much a trick, the lamest babyface team ever assembled, and a title match that the booker had to come on the show to talk his way out of. All that and more!

October 20, 2017 08:33 PM PDT

Welcome to a special BREAKING NEWS edition of the Cewshcast. With today's announcement that Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are replacing Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt at WWE TLC in 2 days due to an outbreak of meningitis, there is a ton to break down and speculate about. What does this mean for TLC? What does this mean for Wrestlemania? Hell, what does this mean for the entire damn roster and everyone coming to the show?

Enjoy this breakdown of the events, and a little TLC preview tacked on as well as Cewsh, The Law and DDT bring the knowledge!

October 20, 2017 03:36 PM PDT

Welcome to another episode of the Lawcast! This week on the show we're talking about WCW Halloween Havoc 91, which is the wackiest goddamn show you could imagine. We've got Kevin Nash as the Great and Power Oz getting jobbed in 3 minutes. We've got the amazing debut of the Halloween Phantom being spoiled by Tony Schiavone, and lots more, but the true reason to come and listen is to find out about the single worst gimmick match ever put on PPV. The Chamber of Horrors match.

October 16, 2017 11:34 AM PDT

Welcome to a new episode of the Lawcast! On the heels of a horribly mediocre show punctuated by a cool Hell in a Cell match, we decided to talk about another show that follows that exact same formula, WWF Badd Blood 1997! This show ends with one of the greatest matches in WWE history, and maybe the best outside interference in wrestling history but HOLY SHIT was it a wild journey to get there. Gang wars, a 20 minute flag match, MINIS and the worst handled death announcement imaginable. All this and more!

October 06, 2017 09:11 AM PDT

Welcome back to another episode of the Lawcast! With the announcement that Wargames is returning to the wrestling world, we went back to the 90s to talk about a show that Law calls one of the best PPVs EVER. The amount of stuff on here is absolutely nuts. Benoit vs. Jericho, Chavo Guerrero's best ever match against someone not named Rey Mysterio, a hilarious trainwreck orchestrated by Konnan and, most importantly, the epic conclusion of to the Song of Ice and Fire.

But those are all just sprigs of parsley on the plate compared to the main event, which featured an incredible match highlighted by one of the best angles in wrestling history. The fall of Sting to the dark side. We could have done 3 hours on just this segment, and we break down everything that makes it brilliant and unique in wrestling history.

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